Automate Your Listbuilding - Convert Your First Time Visitors Into Subscribers
Due To The Extreme Power Of This Awesome WordPress Plugin - We Reserve The Right To Pull This Offer At Any Time!

• Redirect Comments to a Welcome Free Gift Squeeze Page/Thank You Page
• Convert your first time Visitors into Subscribers
• Automates your Listbuilding
• Copy and Paste Easy – Just add the URL to your Squeeze Page with Optin Form
• Set it once and forget it :)

Terms and Rights

These are your rights to this package.

[Yes] For Personal Use Only.

[Yes] May use on as many WordPress blogs or WordPress websites as you personally own.

[No] Resale Rights.

[No] Master Resale Rights.

[No] Private Label Rights.


Installation is easy:

  • Download the plugin on our website:

  • If you’ve downloaded it, use the Plugin page “Add New” feature to install the downloaded .zip file directly into your WordPress site or extract the .zip file contents and upload the “Optin-Wiz” folder to your plugins folder.


  • Activate the plugin (see photo below).


  • An “Optin-Wiz Configuration” page / options panel will appear under Plugins.


  • Choose the WordPress page that you want

    first-time commenters redirected to and then Save Settings: Done!


    Optin-Wiz WordPress Plugin Information & Activation Page


  1. First BACK UP YOUR WORDPRESS DATABASE! Note: We take absolutely no responsibility for your data, you must take care of that yourself.

  2. Deactivate the existing version of the plugin.

  3. Click “Delete” or use your FTP client to delete the existing Optin-Wiz plugin directory.

  4. Select “Add New” plugin (top of page).

  5. On the “Install Plugins” page click on “Upload”.

  6. Install plugin in .zip format. Select Choose File and browse to the zip file location on your drive.

  7. Click “Install Now”.

  8. Click on Plugins link in the Dashboard(left side).

  9. Locate Optin-Wiz information and Activate.

  10. OR Use your FTP client to upload the extracted “Optin-Wiz” folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your WordPress blog or website.

Optin-Wiz WordPress Plugin

The plugin will redirect visitors who just made their first comment, on any of your pages that allow comments, on your WordPress website. On the redirected page, thank them for commenting and offer them a free gift / squeeze page or ask them to subscribe to your blog, or perhaps like you on Facebook, whatever you want to do. The sky is the limit, but my favorite is building my list!

In order to Automate your Listbuilding, you need to create a WordPress page that offers the visitor a thank you with a unique free gift which enables you to start building a relationship with your new prospect as well as laser target your traffic.

Or instead of a thank you, perhaps what you want to do is offer the visitor a product or service that only a fool would turn down. Just make sure the page is very respectful of your site traffic visitors, and doesn’t discourage their return patronage of your site in any way.

If you want to direct the visitor off-site, then use a WordPress page that also has a redirect feature / command built into the page itself to accomplish that.

Set it once and forget it!


The first thing you should do after activating the Optin-Wiz WordPress plugin is setup a Thank You page, or WordPress squeeze page to send your first-time visitors too. Once that is done, go to the “Optin-Wiz” Configuration page / options panel under Plugins. One click opens the Optin-Wiz Configuration. See the screenshot below…

Optin-Wiz Configuration / Settings Page - Control Panel

Select a Page

The next thing you’ll need to do is… select a page to redirect visitors too. Click on the page drop-down menu button on the top right-hand side of the Configuration / Plugins settings page. Now click on the Save Settings button – and you’re DONE!!

Sample Thank You / Squeeze Page

Sample Redirection Squeeze Page

What The Page Comment Area Should Show

You should see a Name (required) field, and an Email (required) field as well as a Comment Box in the comment area of your WordPress page or Blog site that you are redirecting visitors from.

Please note, if you or a visitor doesn’t see these required fields in the comment area, then after submitting a comment you will not be redirected. See the image on the next page.

Blog Test Page for Comments



You can redirect visitors to any type of WordPress page you have created. The page must have first been saved in the WordPress Pages area. Give a free gift to encourage visitors to optin and maybe an affiliate offer. The most powerful method I think is the regular squeeze to get them on your list so you can sell to them time and time again.

Remember you can use this with any niche, we just showed you the IM niche above but it can be very powerful in any niche. In fact this method is more powerful in many ways because people are more willing to put in their email address for a free gift. We really hope you enjoy the plugin as much as we do. TAKE ACTION! NOW!

Your Friend,

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