The ‘Personal Google Map‘ Generating WordPress Plugin 

…Sell The Power Of Google Maps To Offline Clients,
Online Customers, Or Use The Auto-List Building Feature
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WP Maps gives you and your customers the power to install a fully customize-able Google map on any WordPress blog. The best part is I am including MRR rights…

Let me ask you this question………..

How Much Would Your Offline Clients Pay To Have Their Own Google Maps On Their Website?

Offline and Local Businesses are clueless when it comes to making their blogs look flaming hot….. grabbing and directing customers and visitors to their stores. A google map properly configured can easily be placed anywhere in the blog or salespage of your clients website..   ……..Think that might get them fired up!

WP Maps – Google Maps

For WordPress + MRR

Generate Google Maps Right Through WordPress

Your Customers Will Thank You For Providing The Easiest Solution To Generate Google Maps On Their WordPress Blog.