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What You Get

The "WP Action Bar" plugin is a fantastically versatile, very attractive, and extremely easy to use advertising, opt-in, and social plugin for your WordPress websites. Chris & Monika have always stressed how important building your lists are. At times you can become frustrated in your list building processes. Let us explain how to avoid some of the pitfalls by using our plugin:

Upper right-corner ad placement combined with a valuable offer just don't work as often any more. Visitors tend to become "ad blind", their attention span shorter, so you really need something new and different, something they're likely to click right away, to grab them or you risk losing them forever.

What you need is a better option, and like many other marketers you may turn to pop-ups, pop-overs, or other "In Your Face" options. A better idea is a flexible plugin that can handle everything, right? What you really need is a plugin that…

  • Grabs your visitors' attention – without being annoying or intrusive

  • Gives you a wide variety of marketing tools

  • Allows uses in many different situations, giving you more flexibility

  • Must be customizable, since "one size fits all" almost never does

This isn't an impossible pipe-dream!

A Social / Advertising / Opt-In Plugin that works simply, affordably, without annoyances

With WP Action Bar plugin you can…

  • Test graphics, offers, and headlines with ease – just edit your action bar

  • Use your own color choices and graphics

  • Use different action bars on your home page instead of archive pages

  • Put an opt-in box at the bottom of the page, out of the way yet visible

  • Change your action bar timing in order to capture attention without distracting too much from your content, before visitors start reading

  • Create your own call to action

This can be absolutely everything you could have wished for in an opt-in / social / advertising plugin but were never able to find!

The WP Action Bar features tons customizable options, like…

  • Full control over timing, so that your bar appears only when you want it to.

  • Use of the familiar WordPress WYSIWYG editor for total control over links, fonts, blockquotes and more.

  • Complete integration with the WordPress media uploader, no need to hassle with FTP for graphics if you don't want to.

  • Choose from 3 bar styles for maximum flexibility.

  • Point & click editing for endless styling options.

  • Intuitive interface with comprehensive settings page.

  • Three button styles for an attractive look.

  • Install with one click from your dashboard.

  • Six integrated social media links plus built-in icons.

  • Your choice of adding your own eye catching graphics as opt-in incentives.

  • Nine button colors for easy matching/contrasting of your website's theme.

  • Email integration lets you know instantly if your autoresponder code is working correctly.

  • Plus cookie settings which you can customize so visitors see your action bar on a schedule you set.

Nothing complicated to learn and no high overhead to bog down your site, plus no huge licensing fee, makes this plugin a no-brainer!

Get your copy of WP Action Bar and start converting visitors into subscribers, and subscribers into buyers, making money fast. It's just that easy!


Download the zipped WP Action Bar plugin to your computer. Log in to your WordPress site. Hover over the Plugins tab to expand, then click Add New.

Select the Upload option

Click Browse

Locate the zipped WP Action Bar plugin file, select it then click Open.

(The illustration shows a different plugin but process is the same)

Your plugin will now be uploaded and installed. Your next step after installation is to click the Activate Plugin link.

Alternative Setup – FTP

If installing from WordPress does not work for your blog, you may also do it the old fashioned way by first unzipping the WP Action Bar plugin file to your computer. Open your FTP software and upload the entire "wp-action-bar" folder to your WordPress plugin directory which will look like this file path inside your FTP software.


Once upload has completed, log in to WordPress admin, navigate to Plugins. Locate WP Action Bar and click Activate. Simply upload the plugin zip using the WP admin panel browser uploader and activate.



  1. First BACK UP YOUR WORDPRESS DATABASE! We won't take any responsibility for your data, you have to look after it yourself.

  2. Deactivate the existing version of the plugin.

  3. Use your FTP client to delete the existing plugin.

  4. Unzip the new version and save the extracted folder somewhere you can find it.

  5. Use your FTP client to upload the newly extracted folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your WordPress blog or website OR use the new plugin uploader to install the upgrade.

  6. Reactivate the plugin.


Troubleshooting the Installation

If your blog or website displays with an error message when you activate the plugin or otherwise adversely affects your blog or website, then the first thing you should do is delete the plugin with your FTP client or using the delete function on the plugins page, and your blog or website will be restored to normal.



After activating the plugin, a new menu appears in the left menu titled WP Action Bar. You first need to create at least one Action Bar. Do that by clicking Add New in this menu.

Action Bar Title

Action Bar Text

In the Visual Editor, enter the text for your Action Bar like you would any post or page. Remember, this is an ad. So keep your message short and to the point with a strong call to action.

Action Bar Type

Choose the type of Action Bar panel you want to create:

Ad/Content type is purely text, images and links. Visual editor entries above.

Opt-in type displays text from the visual editor & an opt-in form below it.

Social type displays text from the visual editor & a choice of social profile icons below.

Action Bar Design

Here, you get to customize how you want your Action Bar panel to look.

  1. To add a border, enter a width, style and select your color. Choosing None for style will disable the border.

  2. You can choose a background color or background texture image. If you choose an image, the color will not be shown.

Autoresponder Code: When Using Opt-in Type

This only applies when you choose Opt-in type.

Paste your optin form code in here. Be sure to copy and paste. Typing in will not work. The plugin works best with raw HTML form codes generated by most autoresponder companies and solutions like Aweber, GetResponse, 1ShoppingCart or Autoresponse Plus. Many WordPress newsletter plugins use shortcodes or ajax technology which will not work here.

Check Your Autoresponder Form Code

It is of utmost importance the key pieces of your form code you pasted in the step before, gets copied into the next 4 fields:

  1. Name field

  2. Email field

  3. AR Post URL

  4. Hidden fields

If all four fields are empty, delete and paste it into the Optin form code field above again.

(Optional)If you are a bit more technical, be sure the field names correspond with the fields in your form. This should be the first troubleshooting step if your form doesn't work.

Also, if your form code only has email fields, make sure the Name Field is empty. Sometimes the script tends to enter the email field name into the name field in such cases.

Autoresponder Form Labels

If you want to change the text of your form labels and submit button,

  1. Enter your own text in Name Field Label

  2. Enter your own text in Email Field Label

  3. Enter your own text in Button Label

Autoresponder Submit Button Color

You can also change the color of your submit button to suit your design.

  1. Click the button color you prefer.

  2. Click the button style you prefer.

Social Profile URLs : When Using Social Type

This only applies when you choose Social type. Enter the URL to your social profile for each network you want to display. Leave empty for the ones you want to disable.

Publish Action Bar Panel

Once you are happy with your content, design and options, click the Publish button.

*Note: You may not be able to view your panel from here even though WordPress gives you options to do so.

Edit Settings

After setting up at least one Action Bar panel, go to Settings.

Settings Options

Set up your defaults.

  1. Default Action Bar for Posts and Pages

  2. Default Action Bar for your home page

  3. Default Action Bar for Archive pages

  4. Choose how you want your Action Bar to appear

  5. If using delay method, enter number of seconds here

  6. Enter cookie length. Default is 14 days. This means, if someone clicks to close the Action Bar panel, all of your panels will be disabled for that person for the next 14 days. If you are testing or you choose to disable cookies, enter 0 here.


Important! You must save your settings at least once before any of your Action Bar Panels will display!


Disabling An Action Bar Panel For Selecting Pages or Posts

On posts or pages where you do not want the Action Bar to appear, navigate to the Pages (or Posts) list, click on the Page (or post) you want to disable the popup for.


Check To Disable Action Bar

On the right side of the Page (or post) edit screen, scroll down till you see the Check to disable Action Bar for this post. Check the box, then, update your page. The Action Bar panel will no longer display for this Page (or post).

Exclusive Action Bar For Post or Page

You also have the option to create an exclusive Action Bar just for this post or Page. Simply click the drop down in each post or page and select the one you wish to use.

Review Your Site

Once you are done with your setup, review your site to see how your Action Bar looks. Adjust colors and design if needed.

Plugin Troubleshooting

If you encounter the following message when you attempt to "View" a bar:

go to → Settings → Permalinks and note how you're Permalinks are set up,

then change your Permalinks setting to a different option, and Save that setting.

Now change your Permalinks setting back to it's original settings and Save that.

The "View Ads" option should be fixed now.



WP Action Bar is a very easy-to-use plugin that allows you to customize your popup / action bar the way you want, every element, including timing. Customization is the best part of the plugin: you can literally edit every single thing, from the headline to the description, the bullet points to the color of the popup's background, even the form's button!

Once you install the plugin, you will see just how easy it is to create action bars and popups. The plugin literally holds your hand and helps you create what you want. You have total control over exactly when the popup or the action bar is displayed; you can set the number of seconds after which it comes up so it's not intrusive, and how long to wait before it returns.

Don't want the action bar to display on every page? No problems. You may select exactly which pages you want the popup, or action bar, to display on! We tested it with Aweber, GetResponse, iContact and many several more services! It works with all the autoresponders we tested without any problems!

With WP Action Bar you'll find new and advantageous ways to build your lists and bring in new and exciting revenue streams. Try it out and let us know what you think?

To your success,