Please watch the video to fully understand which GREAT effect it creates. At 2:44 you'll find out why this plugin is a must for every blog earning YOU big dollars.

A live demo you can find here

This one simple yet powerful plugin turned plain blue text links into eye grabbing special effects that people just couldn't resist the urge to click sending conversions through the roof.

Dear Internet Marketer

If your like me, you know how “critically important” it is to get people reading your headlines and clicking your links, but its getting more and more difficult.

People are literally swamped with thousands of articles and slick sales pitches and every other form of advertising known to man. They have become numb to the online pitch of sales messages – until know that is...more about that soon....

As I sat there thinking and contemplating the problem all us online marketers have I asked the question I know we all ask...

 How do I make sure they read my headlines – even when they are killer headlines

 How do I get them to click my links

 What will it take to get them to notice important impacting information in my sales  letters

So I thought about what we already have available...

In the past you have to pay a Graphics Designers or Flash Experts (super expensive) to painstakingly program code into your site to give your website some punch. If like me however you have lots of pages in your wordpress site, this isn't very practical or cost effective.

It had to grab peoples attention, be easy to implement, and had to do what every Internet Marketer wants – increase conversions and create more sales.

Well after doing lots of research and coding, I finally came up with a very powerful plugin for Wordpress. It answered all my questions and worked effectively like a well oiled salesperson without the hype but triple the punch.

I Finally Figured It Out

Which Means...

I sat down and programmed this plugin after seeing a site that had an expensive effect that really caught my attention. I was WOW! Got to make that - NOW!

After much trial and error I finally figured out how to get it to work so it was simple and easy to implement.

I am sure you agree - that all these often exspensive software is all to often so complicated that you just give up and go back to something simple and quick.


Here’s What This Plugin Will Do For You – Just Minutes from Now

Quite frankly I am sure you would agree that by increasing conversions by 1% would mean more money for your pocket - what about 4 - 15%?

The fact is today you have to scream to get attention - so how long are you going to wait before you take action and get attention you deserve?

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Copy the Plugin to Your Wordpress Plugins Directory OR Install it from the Dashboard

Step 2: Place 2 tags around the text you want to affect and then click update.

Step 3: Relax!

You’re done!  Now just sit back and watch as the plug-in goes to work, catching every visitor you see by the eyeballs.



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So what will this plugin cost you ask? Let put it like this, take into account my time to research, and then the time programming this plugin, which is hours and hours of time. I am sure you would agree that $97.00 would not be asking to much at all.

Due to the ever growing fact that overheads are high and all these little all important things cost money I am going to give you a break and today you can have it for only $47

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So you see, I’ve given you every conceivable reason to make WP Text Expander generate all the money you want online. Unleash the Internet’s most powerful secret weapon now, and you’ll be thanking me for years to come.

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To Your Success

Dirk Wagner

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