From: Sherman Fredericksen

Dear Online Marketer,

Did you know that you are losing money?

Imagine... all those sleepless nights amounting to nothing as if all of your money is slowly flushing down the drain...

Honestly, do you like to wake up the next day with NOTHING in your bank account?

A lot of online marketers are failing because they deny one simple fact.

That is...The COLD, HARD TRUTH that customers today are way different from customers yesterday...

Let us take a closer look at the current situation here.

Today, people literally integrate their lives with the Internet. There is Facebook to check their friends and family and there is Twitter to check out the latest news. There is also YouTube that can teach anything through video.

The sooner you accept this fact, the better. After all, you don't want to see your business crumble down to the ground, now would you?

The time to act is now.

Let us face it.

YOU ARE LOSING MONEY by hard selling, YOU ARE LOSING MONEY by not qualifying your prospects AND YOU ARE LOSING MONEY by not listening to your customers...

The age of hard selling is gone. Today, people look for a softer approach - an approach that is more sensitive, interactive and is specifically designed for their unique needs.

They want a business owner that knows how to listen and is sensitive enough to give them the information or product that they need when they need it..

They loathe snake oil marketers that are only after their money.. They had it with the hype.. They want REAL 'result-getting' products from REAL people WITHOUT the empty fluff and the false claims.

They want someone to look up to.. Someone that they know and trust. They want to buy from someone that they like...

If this does not describe you, then it is CLEAR...

You are really losing money online...

Fortunately, you can turn all of that around by simply implementing a one-of-a-kind plugin in your website - Let me introduce you to WP-Sales Magix.

Before I show you the power of WP-Sales Magix, let me tell you about what I went through to release this to the public.

Let me tell you that I went through 6 Grueling Months of trial and error... Yes! 6 months all for the simple purpose of creating the perfect Wordpress plugin that online marketers can use in all of their campaigns.

When I am creating this, I thought about the missing elements in online marketing: segmentation and interactivity.

And with the Internet's changing landscape... It is time to take a more personal approach to online marketing.

On the surface, WP-Sales Magix is a poll and review Wordpress plugin. It can be understood by looking at what it does and these are:

  • Ask your prospects about what they need and what they think about a certain product

  • Filter prospects into specific pages

  • Control the content that you show these prospects thus redirecting prospects to content that matters to them

  • Give prospects the product that they want to buy when they need it and make sure you make some money from that red hot lead!

Aside from that, the plugin can also do more than a dozen different things.. This plugin can:

  • Finally Give Your Visitors The VIP Treatment They Deserve By Giving Them Content Personalized for Them

  • Create A Unique Offer For Different Prospects

  • Give Your Followers The Type of Information That They Desire Whether It Be a Video or a Free Product

  • Create Instant Curiosity Without Giving Away ANY Information

  • Entice Your Visitors To Sign Up For Gifts or Information That Are Relevant To Their Needs

  • Lead RED HOT Prospects To Review and Sales Pages And Make Tons of Money In The Process

  • Create Viral Websites That People Will Automatically And Willingly Link To

  • Create Social-Ready Websites That Can Spread Across Popular Social Media Websites Like Twitter and Facebook

  • Shoot Your Conversions By Customizing Your Offer Depending On The Visitor

  • Capture E-mail Addresses Even If You Don't Have An Autoresponder

  • Create Polls And Gather Data From Your Market

  • Create Surveys In A Simple Click Of A Button

  • Split Test Pages And Get More Money Out Of Your Advertising Investment

  • Craft Seamless Sales Funnels That Other Marketers Can Only Dream About

And Many More... You Can Even Use Your Imagination To Make More Money from This Plugin..

As you can see, you absolutely NEED this plugin in your online marketing arsenal.

Read on to learn how you can get your hands on it.

You cried and we listened. We have crafted the perfect plugin that is designed to help any marketer reach his goals.

In fact, the product has already helped 1300 customers from its pre-release in January, 2012.

Don't get left behind. It is time to listen to your customers and start making some real money.

Honestly, do you want to make money online just because you got lucky? Or do you want to make money because your customers like you?

I would certainly choose the latter.

Today is the time to skyrocket your conversions leaving your competition wondering about your secret.. It is time to make money that you have never made before...

Honestly... Do you want to lose money? I am pretty sure you don't.

But not buying this plugin can run you the risk of prospects leaving your list and ignoring your offers.

If that is not 'losing money' for you, then I don't know what is.

It is up to you if you want to lose money and let your competition get ahead of you. And in this world, you can pretty much expect your business to go downhill from there.

But let me make you a deal...

I know that my words and the testimonials here are not enough to show you how great this plugin is. So let me make an insane offer...

I Will Let You try WP-Sales Magix for free for the next 60 days Risk Free.

This means that if you don't like the plugin in any way, you can just send me an e-mail and I will give you back your money. No questions asked.

Here is a certificate to seal my promise...

And if that is not enough, let me give you another reason to buy.

Just for acting right now, I will give you exclusive access to my one-of-a-kind case study that will take you by the hand UNTIL you make money with my plugin.

This is an EXCLUSIVE offer reserved for Fast Action Takers only. So grab it while you still can.

Here is a brief description of my case study guide...


Look At All That You Will Be Getting...

  • A Powerful Plugin That Can Do A Dozen Different Things That Can Make You More Money Online

  • Unlimited Software Upgrades FOR LIFE Sure To Withstand The Changing Internet Landscape

  • A Proven Case Study That Will Literally Take You By The Hand Until You Make Some COLD, HARD Cash $$$!

PS. You can only get WP-Sales Magix at this price for a limited time...

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