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Viral marketing needs no introduction.

Simply put, it is one of the most desired online marketing campaigns because it is by far the most powerful. Imagine, an avalanche of leads coming your way, unceasing, unrelenting, growing in number with each passing hour.

Such is what an efficient viral marketing campaign can offer. It can distribute your business message over an audience that exponentially grows every second. Unleash the carrier of your business message to 5 people, and those 5 people can easily become 25.


After a certain period of time, those 25 people can easily become 125. 125 can become 750. 750 can become 4,500. Soon enough, you'll be reaching millions and millions of people.

Best of all, viral marketing works at such a rapid pace, given the nature of such a system.

The most successful websites today are products of viral marketing.

Take for example MySpace.com. This website now boasts two and a half times the number of visitors that Google generates. That's quite an accomplishment!

How did MySpace do it?

Through the viral nature of the website itself, of course! MySpace encourages its members to invite their friends to sign up so that they can always be in touch with one another and so that they can all enjoy the features the website has to offer.

Hotmail is likewise a prime example of viral marketing at work. When it was first released, MSN was able to spread its online presence by offering a free email account to web users. Upon signing up, people were able to invite their friends to try out the free service. Within a year's time, 30 million people had Hotmail accounts!


Even in our high tech society where megabuck marketing tools abound, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing. People have a tendency to react positively to recommendations from their friends and colleagues - it's as simple as that. By using a recommendation form on your site, a single visitor can literally generate thousands more!

An effective viral marketing campaign has three elements:

1. A business message you wish to share.

2. An initial network for the distribution of the message.

3. A carrier for the business message, one which will encourage the recipients to redistribute it to the members of their own networks.

The first two elements are a given.

The third element is a variable.

Some Internet marketers use information products like eBooks and special reports to carry their business message. If these infoproducts contain valuable content, their recipients make it a point to share them with their family and friends; hence, the viral method at work.

Some Internet marketers use software programs for this task.

Other Internet marketers use actual, real life giveaways.

But here's the deal.

There's another element.

A fourth element.

This element is the missing link. This element is the one that is responsible for the actual spread of the viral message. This element facilitates the viral process.

Let's put it this way...



A recipient receives your viral product. He likes it a lot. He wants to share it with his friends.

But how can he do that?

By shooting them an email? Nah! Too laborious!

By calling them up? Nah! Too inconvenient!


So, what will this recipient do? Chances are, he'll put it off for the moment, until he forgets about it. Your viral marketing campaign will hit a dead end.

But if we add the fourth element to the equation: A way by which he can easily distribute the viral message, then you're in business! You're in very good business!

But how do you introduce this fourth element?

Alas! Allow me to introduce you to the...


Unselfish Tell-A-Friend Is A



Viral Marketing Powerhouse




With this Ingenious script, you can make your website itself a viral marketing weapon!


This script will allow your visitors to refer your website to the people they know, and ever so easily at that. With a few clicks, you'll have your viral marketing campaign rolling!

But that's not all that this baby is all about!

Take a look at the amazing features the Unselfish Tell A Friend can boast of.


Unselfish Tell A Friend gives your visitors the convenience to refer your website to their family and friends. No tedious steps required. No difficulties involved. All they have to do is fill in the fields and click on the submit button.

Unselfish Tell A Friend eliminates possible abuse from users. With the safety feature in the form of an email verification system, such will surely dissuade users from spamming unsuspecting folks.

Unselfish Tell A Friend allows your visitors to invite an unlimited number of people to visit your website. You, as the administrator, will set the number!

Unselfish Tell A Friend allows you to customize the page with any header and footer you wish to include. No need for HTML codes. The admin panel will make things easy for you.

Unselfish Tell A Friend can double as an opt-in list! Yes! Your very own lead-capturing system in the form of a viral marketing tool! Simply activate the opt-in function from the admin panel and you'll be able to capture your visitors' contact details in the email address you provide the script!

With the Unselfish Tell A Friend, each referral form can be used for any site, so one installation can be used with hundreds of websites. This is centralization in action!

AFFILIATE PROGRAM OWNERS, TAKE NOTE! Unselfish Tell A Friend can work with affiliate links. Best of all, the Unselfish Tell A Friend can brand your affiliates' links. All they have to do is provide their affiliate numbers!


You don't need a working knowledge of programming languages to kick-start your viral marketing campaign into overdrive with the Unselfish Tell A Friend. In just three yes, THREE easy steps, you'll be able to take full advantage of this dynamite of a product.

Step 1: Enter the admin panel by typing in your username and password
Step 2: Enter the header and footer you want displayed
Step 3: Enter the link you want to be distributed

That's it!

Just like that, and you'll get to enjoy an exponential increase of traffic for your website... one which can last for a very, very, very long time!

Indeed, the Unselfish Tell A Friend is more than just a mere referral script.

It can very well be the heart of your viral marketing campaign!




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