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If life were perfect, you could join 100 different affiliate programs and use the same user ID and password.  You could even login into all of the programs from a single link.
One problem though...Life Simply Isn't Perfect!
As it have dozens of usernames and passwords.  some programs will require a minimum number of digits...some require a combination of letters and numbers...some programs make you take whatever they give you!  Who can remember all of this?!
With the Affiliate Organizer, this nightmare is finally over.  Easily save ALL of your usernames and passwords in one convenient location.  This software will also store banner codes, text codes, html links and all the other important bits of information you can't risk losing, forgetting, or spending 20 minutes trying to retrieve! 


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In order to protect the integrity of this product, Affiliate Organizer CANNOT be packaged with other titles.    It must be sold as a "Stand Alone" product.   

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