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How To Automate Your Blog And Web Promotion In Just 60 Seconds!!

If you're at all concerned about getting repeat traffic, you Must make it easy for visitors to add your feed to their newsreader

With this easy to use software, it's a no-brainer!


From:  Bob Turpen

Dear RSS Feed Publisher,

As you're aware, many people now use feed readers to manage the gathering, viewing and updating of their favourite RSS feeds.

The most popular newsreaders can make use of a unique link and automatically add your RSS Feed to your visitor's Newsreader.  Just by clicking on this special link the person visiting your site or blog could 'add you to favourites'  Problem is a) you need to know how to set up these links and far more importantly, b)  These special links are different for each newsreader which makes setting up a wide selection of newsreader links both tedious and time consuming.  If you have multiple sites it could take hours and hours.

But I've Just Made The Job A Lot Easier For You!

Here's how to do it the easy way using the brand new Feed Reader Links.

1.  Upload One File One Time To Your Web Server.

2.  Enter Your RSS Feed URL into the software.

3.  Enter In The Link To The File You Uploaded.

4.  Click One Button To A Create A Special Code.

5.  Paste The Code Into Your Web Page.

And It's Done - Fully Automated In One Minute!

If It Takes You Longer You Stopped For Coffee :)



Blog promotion you can't do without.


  • Display 12+ image links on all your blogs or feed pages (see below).

  • FeedReader links should be on every blog and RSS feed page you own.

  • FeedReader usage is climbing and will continue to do so for years to come.

  • Make it easy for them to add your RSS feed to their favourite newsreader.

  • FeedReader Links automatically allows you to add  "Add To Feedreader" links.

If you have several blogs and feeds to promote, just repeat the process.

Actually, this software becomes a total 'Must Have' if you have multiple pages to use it on and it'll save you hours of time!

1. Button Images hosted yourself load fast
2. No javascript that may fail or be blocked
3. No DHTML layers that may fail or be blocked
4. 12+ most popular feedreaders using each one's special "Add To Feedreader" link

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